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Consent Order FAQs

If you have been to see a family lawyer, you have probably heard of a consent order , and encouraged to enter into one upon divorce.

Divorce during a recession

The last few months have proved testing to us all in many different ways.  From a relationship point of view, some couples may find they feel stronger in pulling together through uncertain times.  Others may feel that lockdown and the…

Can financial orders be set aside in the current economic downturn?

Covid-19 (coronavirus) has caused not only a devastating health crisis, but also an economic one. Even though lockdown restrictions are being lifted and employees are returning to work, it is seemingly accepted, nevertheless, amongst economists, financial experts and even the…

What if my ex uses Covid-19 to delay divorce matters?

The Covid-19 pandemic has a wide-ranging impact on so many aspects of our daily lives and the family justice system has not been immune to being impacted. The Court has sought to make appropriate changes to its policies and processes…

Clean Break Order

In this blog post I take a look at what a Clean Break Order is and answer some of the most commonly asked questions about them.

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